AMCO container change parts

Container Change Parts

Container handling parts are an integral part of the line as they guide and move the containers throughout the bottling process. The star wheels and guides collect the containers and feed them into the filler for product filling, then to the capper and capping head so that the closure can be applied, and then onto the labeling machine and further down the line.

The timing screw or infeed screw controls the flow of containers into the stars and guides. They are also known as scrolls, feed screws, worms, gusanos and tornillos sin fin. A smooth and steady flow of containers is critical, and a quality timing screw reduces downtime and keeps you running at capacity.

It is crucial that the containers move smoothly throughout this process, and the quality of the change parts greatly affects downtime by preventing backups and jams in the line.

Whether you are performing routine maintenance or upgrading your line, AMCO has the change parts you need to get production going again and better than ever.

AMCO has an extensive selection of replacement parts that drop in like OEM. Through the years AMCO engineers have seen the failure points of many OEM change parts and have upgraded those designs to last longer and perform better. These upgrades are incorporated into our stock parts.

In addition to keeping your machines running, AMCO also has parts available to super charge your line. If you want faster filling then take a look at our Titan Valve. Are you having bottle retention problems? Then check out our knife plates. If you are having capping troubles then contact us for total capping solutions, including our Capping Chucks which have become the #1 choice for 1881 conversions.

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