AMCO Sanitrol System

High Micro’s?

With AMCO’s Sanitrol System You Can CIP Your Filler Bowl While It Rotates.


If you are bottling or canning carbonated beverages, you need AMCO’s Sanitrol hot sanitizing system. The patented Sanitrol System was designed and perfected for use on your bottle or can filler. It allows detergent washing and hot sanitizing (185°) using water from your plant’s central sanitizing source, which is then recycled.

With the AMCO Sanitrol System every valve is completely flushed with the solutions WHILE THE FILLER BOWL IS ROTATING, thus cleaning each valve both inside and outside, and allowing hot water to pass through the snift valves as well. Please use the links below to view the AMCO Sanitrol in action.

AMCO Sanitrol
AMCO Sanitrol (Spanish Version)

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