We have a rotating selection of used and rebuilt cappers, fillers, and other equipment for the bottling industry. Please check back as this page is regularly updated with new equipment. You can also give us a call at 1-800-643-2510 to see if we can help you source a particular machine.


  • 221-12 B model Alcoa
  • 221-12 Y model Alcoa
  • 218-12 A model Alcoa
  • Meyer 10 head free standing crowner


  • Rebuilt Crown Uniblend 45-12 PET Filler, with Alcoa cap in head capper.
  • Crown UB 45/6
  • Crown UB 60/12
  • Crown UB 72/15
  • Sidel 60 valve filler with Zalkin 15 head capper, perfect for water line.
  • Crown UB 60/15 with crowner or cap in head capper

Give us a call at 1-800-643-2510 or EMAIL US to get in touch with our sales department.

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