We have a variety of OEM and custom capping heads available. We can also service and provide replacement parts for your current heads. AMCO Magnetic Capping Head AMCO’s patented Magnetic Capping Head is preferred by many in the bottling industry for its outstanding performance. Our head’s superior performance is due in part to several unique features, including: Thrust bearing that absorbs the high vertical load that results from the occasional crushing of a bad or misaligned bottle. This dramatically reduces wear on the radial bearing. Patented magnetic clutch mechanism which is sealed from the harmful effects of the product, while maintaining a simple, external torque adjustment. The sleek, compact design of the AMCO Magnetic Capping Head allows it to be easily removed from the capper without raising the turret, greatly simplifying regular maintenance.

What is a Capping Chuck? A bottle capping chuck or capping cone is what allows the capping machine to hold the cap and tighten it onto the bottle. These parts are also called capping chucks, and they are essential for applying the closure to the bottle. Caps come in a variety of sizes and shapes,

Container Change Parts Container handling parts are an integral part of the line as they guide and move the containers throughout the bottling process. The star wheels and guides collect the containers and feed them into the filler for product filling, then to the capper and capping head so that the closure can be applied,

Si necesita un sistema de desinfección o CIP para su llenadora de botellas, llámenos al 1-800-643-2510 o Envíanos un correo electrónico ponerse en contacto con nuestro departamento de ventas. Solicitud de cotización

If you’re in need of a sanitizing or CIP system for your bottle filler, please give us a call at 1-800-643-2510 or EMAIL US to get in touch with our sales department. Quote Request

We have a rotating selection of used and rebuilt cappers, fillers, and other equipment for the bottling industry. Please check back as this page is regularly updated with new equipment. You can also give us a call at 1-800-643-2510 to see if we can help you source a particular machine. CAPPERS 221-12 B model Alcoa

AMCO offers replacement parts for various bottle and can fillers, including Meyer and Crown Uniblend fillers. We also rebuild and provide replacement parts and filling valves for many capping machines, including Alcoa and Zalkin Cappers. All of our spare and replacement parts are made here in the USA, and we are happy to ship anywhere

High Micro’s? With AMCO’s Sanitrol System You Can CIP Your Filler Bowl While It Rotates. AMCO SANITROL + YOUR HOT WATER = CLEAN FILLER If you are bottling or canning carbonated beverages, you need AMCO’s Sanitrol hot sanitizing system. The patented Sanitrol System was designed and perfected for use on your bottle or can filler.